My name is Lisa Godo and I put on art shows for people who have been touched by cancer…

…to share their experiences through art

…to come together to heal, grieve, connect and celebrate

…to raise funds for charities, artists and programs and services

Everyone’s cancer experience is exquisitely unique; choices, support systems, diagnoses, prognoses and outcomes vary wildly. Families, friends, providers and communities of those diagnosed with cancer have their own difficult path to walk alongside them. Yet, there is a strangely common connection that is rich with opportunities for healing and support.

As a healing art curator, I organize art shows for people who have been directly, or indirectly, affected by cancer. This gives them an opportunity to express themselves through artwork and then come together to showcase it. I do this for organizations who want to host the art show to support the artists and their communities.

Hosting an art show is a wonderful way to support and honor people who have been touched by the unwelcome hand of cancer. Meaningful events have positive effects on the participating artists, foster a closer connection with community, garner great exposure for the hosting organization, and bring in funds for charity, artist support, and services and programs.

Embarking on a creative journey, showcasing artwork, connecting with others, celebrating milestones and grieving losses can create a ripple effect of healing that travels farther than we will ever know.

I help bring people together and change lives in the midst, and aftermath, of cancer.

Now, let’s get a move on, people need healing art medicine!

Yours in gratitude and healing, Lisa ♥

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