The artists will vary depending on the theme of the show and who is hosting it. The only requirement is that cancer has had an effect on their lives, directly or indirectly, and they want to share their experiences via art.

Who are the artists?  

  • Healing Art Curator has a roster of extraordinary artists who are interested in receiving invitations to submit their work.
  • The participants in an art therapy class can show their work.
  • Or how about the art department in an educational institution?
  • What a stunning gift it would be to everyone involved to have a show with the work from an art therapy class for children who have lost a family member to cancer.
  • In a physician’s or medical practice’s database, there are undoubtedly both established and hobby artists among them who would jump at the chance to share their art.
  • Maybe you want to host a community art show and we can put out a call-for-artwork to the people in your neighborhood, city or region?
  • Do you have employees, customers, patrons, residents?

You get the idea, there are an infinite number of exciting possibilities!

Benefits for Artists

  1. Time for introspection and relaxation
  2. Self-expression and the cathartic benefits of creating art
  3. A reminder that we are not alone, there are so many others who have gone through similar experiences
  4. Being part of a group, being witnessed
  5. The opportunity to heal, grieve, learn, and celebrate with our loved ones and our communities
  6. Closer relationships with caregivers, physicians, healers and team members
  7. Fun!!!


Unfortunately, these days almost everyone has been affected by cancer. Cancer patients, their family members, friends, physicians, co-workers, employees, students, friends from yoga class, and so on…all members in this club that nobody wanted to join. Ever.

If you represent a group, company, organization, institution, city, family, church, etc. that wants to host an art show in service of people who have been touched by cancer, you can fill out an application.

Let’s put on a healing art show that is custom-tailored to communicate in your voice and serves the needs of your people. My scope of services adapts to fit your needs, availability, and in-house resources.

Hosting an art show for people affected by cancer is a gift that brings many lasting returns.

Benefits of Hosting

  1. A unique way of expanding the support you provide
  2. Deeper community connections and improved relationships
  3. A meaningful way for your team/staff/employees to be of service
  4. A visible expression of your organization’s mission
  5. Financial support for fundraising, charity, your programs and services, and artist support
  6. High-value professional and community exposure
  7. Fun!!!

What kind of art?

Any kind you want. Painting, photography, mixed-media, sculpture, etc. Imagine an art event open to musicians, storytellers, dancers? As for the level of artwork, artists invited to participate can be professional or amateur artists, hobbyists, people who have made art in a certain class or program, or some combination thereof.

Is the art for sale?

Yes! Unless otherwise specified, the art will all be for sale. The proceeds will go to charities, artists, programs and services and to cover the cost of the show. Some shows will be fundraisers for organizations in need of financial support and some will focus on the art and artists more than fundraising. Win-win-win!!!!

When is the art made?

The artwork call-for-entries can be for art that has already been made, art that will have been made by the end of a class or program you’re offering, or, the show can be planned far enough in advance to give people time to make art inspired by the theme of the show.

Where do the shows happen?

As to venues, they are limited only by imagination…for example, your office, a local community center, an art gallery, a rented venue, an industrial warehouse, a U-haul truck, etc. It’s a matter of finding the space that will welcome and tend to the artists and attendees in the way that you want. Geographically speaking, I live Phoenix, AZ and am also available for shows in most of the U.S.A, Canada and Germany.

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