My name is Lisa Godo and I bring art and people together to…

…share their experiences with cancer through art

…heal, grieve, connect and celebrate

…raise funds for charities, artists and programs and services

I curate art exhibits at various venues in the greater Phoenix area. All of the art shows focus in some way on people who have been affected by cancer – patients, friends, families, caregivers. Sometimes the artists are cancer survivors, sometimes the theme of the show is on a related topic and sometimes a portion of art sale proceeds go to a non-profit organization.

An art show is a wonderful way to support and honor people who have been touched by the unwelcome hand of cancer. Meaningful events have positive effects on the participating artists, foster a closer connection with community, garner great exposure for the hosting organization, and bring in funds for charity, artist support, and services and programs.

Everyone’s cancer experience is exquisitely unique; choices, support systems, diagnoses, prognoses and outcomes vary wildly. Families, friends, providers and communities of those diagnosed with cancer have their own difficult path to walk alongside them. There is a common connection that is rich with opportunities for healing and support. Exploring this can create a ripple effect that travels farther than we will ever know.

Now, let’s get a move on, people need healing art medicine!

Yours in gratitude and healing, Lisa ♥

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