As an artist and a cancer survivor, I know firsthand that making art while navigating a cancer journey can bring peace and healing.

BC (before cancer), I worked in the corporate world under various guises such as receptionist, executive assistant, web designer and event planner, all while my inner artist was patiently waiting to spread her wings. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I started making friends in the art community, participating in shows and selling my art. Eventually, I joined a women’s art collective and started curating art shows.

Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and making art became even more crucial to my well-being. During a time that was terrifying, awful and often relentlessly lousy, yet also wondrous and even shockingly exciting sometimes, time spent making art brought me desperately needed peace, catharsis and a few revelations on the nature of my own disease and healing.

After realizing that I was going to live beyond cancer, I wanted my livelihood to be meaningful, to make good use of my talents, and to include being of service to others who had traveled this unwanted journey through life with cancer. I knew that my creativity and the rigorous personal healing and energy work I had done would serve my purpose well, and, I was surprised to find that the jobs I had so happily left behind had taught me business and organizational skills that lent themselves well to managing creative projects.

So, that constellation of experiences brought me to this place where my {artist-seeker + biz-admin-whizbang + healing-wisdom-patient} come together in the form of a healing art curator, helping folks like you, who help folks like me, who have been touched by cancer. Pretty awesome. 

C’est moi

  • My name is Lisa Godo (née Roberts), I am an Arizona native, I currently live in Glendale, AZ.
  • I’m an artist, I create mixed-media wood pieces and sculptures. Check out my artwork »
  • I’m a breast cancer survivor.
  • I am married to a sweet, wicked funny and very tall (6’6″) man from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Go Habs!
  • We have a dachshund-mix rescue dog named Miss Minerva Marple, aka Minnie.
  • I’ve been doing personal growth work and studying energy work for 20+ years.
  • I have a BA in Women’s Studies from Arizona State University.
  • I am a game geek. My current favorites are 7 Wonders and The Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

Lisa Godo :: 480-319-4463 ::